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Bloomington To Offer Incentives For Former Wildwood Site

Sep 24, 2018

Bloomington is offering a few perks to help a packaging company relocate from Normal.

Commercial Packaging has relocated its warehouse and offices into one of the former Wildwood Industries buildings at 2047 Ireland Grove Road.

The company makes packaging materials for various consumer products, pet food, livestock feed and plant seeds.  

Bloomington Economic Development Coordinator Austin Grammer said the company wanted some help to get the site ready as it prepares for a $6 million investment.

“Unfortunately due to the bankruptcy of Wildwood, it’s been a building that’s been in pretty bad shape for a number of years,” Grammer said. “This is really great that this company can come in here, acquire this building and really make a substantial investment, renovate it and turn it into a really good operation.”

The city is offering property tax rebates to cover the cost of removing a derelict water tower and is giving the company a break on the cost of connecting the driveway to Mercer Avenue.

Grammer said the cost to the city is estimated at $75,000.

“There are certainly a number of communities that have shovel-ready sites or have prefabricated, ready to go warehouse-type buildings that they could have relocated to,” Grammer said. “(There are) other richer incentive programs available in other communities, but they really wanted to grow and invest here in McLean County.”

Commercial Packaging recently sold its former home at 1 Paper Chase Street in north Normal to American Precision Assemblers, while the warehouse Commercial Packaging has been leasing at 1802 Industrial Park Drive in Normal is now occupied by Kongskilde Industries, which vacated its former facility in rural Hudson. That facility is owned by Brandt Industries.

The city council votes on the plans during its 6 p.m. meeting Monday. The council will also discuss new regulations intended to curb repeat housing code violators.

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