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Canceled Weddings, Events Cut Into Bloomington Business

Mar 24, 2020

The coronavirus is taking lives and livelihoods. But it’s also temporarily taking away the moments that make life great—like weddings and parties.

Joe Palma’s Bloomington-based business, Palma Entertainment, provides DJ and live entertainment for weddings and other special events. But with social distancing our new reality, Palma has seen 17 of his wedding and event bookings canceled or postponed.

“It came on like a tsunami,” Palma said.

Palma’s 3-year-old business was just about to launch a full-scale wedding and event band, called Style in Stereo. It was going to debut at a wedding next month.

“Unfortunately, we won’t be doing that,” Palma said. “We can project all day long. But really, I’m just operating day by day. It’s been a balancing and juggling act.”

Palma, who also works for the City of Bloomington, and his wife have three children. He contracts with DJs and laborers for part-time help. “I’ve had to reach out to everybody and say, ‘Look, we’re at a standstill until further notice,'" he said.

As he talks with clients, Palma said he’s trying to focus on the positive. Use the delay to spend a few extra months planning the wedding you’ve always wanted, he said. Even if you get married now, you can always party later, he said. (The McLean County clerk's office is still processing marriage licenses.)

A marriage is one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. And that’s forever, he said, even if the coronavirus is temporary.

“Spinning this in a positive light is the only way we’re gonna get through this,” he said.

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