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Cancer Center Offers Message Of Hope With Tree Lighting

Nov 28, 2018

Community Cancer Center in Normal plans to light the night sky with a message of hope. 

Volunteer Peggy Swerdlik co-chairs the center's second annual Tree of Hope lighting ceremony. It will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday outside its offices at 407 E. Vernon Ave.

Sonja Reece took part in the ceremonial lighting of the Tree of Hope at Community Cancer Center in Normal in 2017.
Credit Community Cancer Center / Community Cancer Center

“It’s just a really nice time to gather together,” Swerdlik said. “We are looking for hope and that there is hope from treatment at the Community Cancer Center.”

Swerdlik said the public can buy ornaments to honor someone who is battling cancer or for a caregiver. They will be placed on trees that are set up inside the center.

The glass ornaments cost $25 and have color themes, such as pink for breast cancer, light blue for prostate cancer, white for lung cancer and lavender for all other cancers. Caregivers get their own color; silver.

Swerdlik added the center filled five trees last year with ornaments last year and hope to adorn nine trees this holiday season.

The center sold 425 ornaments last year and have sold 220 so far this year.

“The holiday season is a hopeful time of year,” Swerdlik said. “During the holiday season sometimes people who are having a lot of difficulties aren’t as hopeful.”

The tree lighting ceremony will be accompanied by music and refreshments that are scheduled from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 

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