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Cell Phone Driving Violations Bring $7 Million In Fines

Feb 20, 2017

It is against the law in Illinois to drive and use a cell phone at the same time.
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More than 100,000 Illinois drivers have been convicted for illegally using their cell phones in two years. The 2014 law says drivers can use cell phones only with a hands-free device.

Dave Druker is a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s office.

"You know I think it's a simple concept. If you are driving you should not be on the cell phone," said Druker.

He equated the number of violations with what happened when only a quarter of Illinois residents warmed up to the state’s seat belt program 30 years ago.

"The fact is now it is close to 80% participation for seat belt use. Maybe it will come around over time that for cell phone use we will have similar statistics," said Druker.

Druker said the annual number of cell phone and driving offenses is declining.

Druker said less than than one percent of convicts were repeat offenders.

Illinois communities brought in more than $7 million from fines for using cell phones while driving. That’s since the law went into effect January 2014 based on the numbers of violators provided by the state and the range of penalties in the law.

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