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Chateau Hotel Remains Closed, Conference Center Reopens

Mar 10, 2017

The hotel is located on Jumer Dr. at Veteran's Pkwy, named for the name of the former name of the hotel.
Credit The Chateau / Facebook

The City of Bloomington has allowed the Conference Center at The Chateau hotel to reopen. 

Community Development Director Tom Dabareiner said decision is based on procedures defined by the International Code Council and "consistent with the thought process that allowed the restaurant to remain open." He said fire rated doors separate the hotel from the meeting room area. 

On Wednesday, Bloomington required the hotel shut down after confirming a tip from a frustrated contractor the hotel had a non-functioning fire alarm system. At that time, the attached Tony Roma's restaurant was allowed to stay open because of its first floor location, number of exits, and fire resistant walls between the hotel and restaurant. 

"We do not like closing businesses. We try to be reasonable when opportunity and a cooperative owner present themselves," said Dabareiner in releasing the information to WGLT. 

Dabareiner said the hotel will remain closed because of the difficulty in going room to room to alert sleeping guests if a fire were to occur. The hotel "remains a greater risk to public safety," he said.  

He said the hotel is proceeding with repairs to the existing fire alarm panel, which will take significantly less time than a total alarm system replacement. 

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