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Check Out A Book From The Human Library

Jun 1, 2016

First-year students attend ISU's first Human Library in September of 2014 featuring "Books" who have experienced prejudices or discrimination in their lives.
Credit Illinois State University

Think of this as Story Corps for Strangers. Illinois State University has what's called a Human Library. It exposes students to the experiences of people who have endured adversity and stereotypes and shown perseverance in the face of discrimination or social exclusion.

Illinois State University is looking for more human books to tell their stories, and not just people from ISU, but from the community as well; whether it's those who battle depression and cancer, to former gang members, and stay-at-home moms.   

Those accepted for training must be available for the next human library reading session September 21st.

Those interested need to submit a short “Book Summary” on the human library web site or email.

GLT's Charlie Schlenker talks with a human book and with Emily Vigneri of ISU's University College about the roots of the program and its growth.