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Children's Discovery Museum Director Leaving For Advocate Job

Oct 16, 2017

The director of the Town of Normal’s cultural arts department and Children’s Discovery Museum is leaving for a new position with Advocate Health Care.

Shelleigh Birlingmair will resign at the end of October to accept a development position at Advocate BroMenn/Advocate Eureka, town officials said in a statement.

“My decision to leave the Town of Normal and the Children’s Discovery Museum was not easy,” Birlingmair said in a statement. “I have aspired to do full-time development work for years. My work at the Children’s Discovery Museum simply solidified my passion for working with nonprofits.”

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Town of Normal. My experience has been nothing but positive,” Birlingmair added. “I will truly miss everyone, especially my family at the Children’s Discovery Museum and the Normal Theater. We are very lucky to have both in our community.”

Birlingmair was hired in October 2016.

“We are sorry to see Shelleigh leave and she will be greatly missed, but we understand she was presented with an overwhelming opportunity and we support her decision,” Normal City Manager Mark Peterson said in a statement.

The town says there’s no timeline yet on who will replace Birlingmair.

“Our plans and programs are well-established for the balance of 2017 and beyond, and will proceed without any issues,” Peterson said.

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