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City Council To Discuss Rezoning West Bloomington Property

May 7, 2017

Credit Staff / WGLT

Bloomington Aldermen will consider initiating the rezoning process for several properties on the city's west side during Monday night's meeting.

The properties are single-family homes and a mixed use development with second floor apartments near the intersection of W. Washington and Allin Street.

These residential uses are not permitted under the current zoning designation and rezoning the properties would eliminate their nonconforming status. 

Staff suggests the Council consider the resolution in conjunction with the West Bloomington Revitalization Project.

The Bloomington Planning Commission is recommending the Council begin the formal process of rezoning the properties to allow for mixed residential and commercial use as envisioned in the city's Comprehensive Plan. 

The council will also consider approving the creation of a Downtown Task Force Committee to assist with planning and determination of the city's next steps in revitalization. 

Mayor Tari Renner said the group could establish top priorities for Downtown for the next three to five years and create action plans to move those priorities forward.

If approved, the Task Force will be subject to the Illinois Open Meetings Act and consist of nine members.

Also on the agenda Monday night is a vote to approve the FY2018 Utility Maintenance Contract with George Gildner Inc. That contract is set at $738,000. 

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