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City Discusses Transportation Commission, Approves Downtown Task Force

May 9, 2017

Bloomington City Manager David Hales
Credit Staff / WGLT

Bloomington City Council members have signaled possible approval for a transportation commission. A final decision will come later this month.

A commission would give residents a bigger voice in traffic issues by creating or reviewing proposals, holding public hearings and discussing transportation issues with staff and the council.

City Manager David Hales said the commission could "evolutionize" the way the the city deals with transportation planning.

"And even sometimes there may be sometimes there may be differences in opinion on a technical level, but those will come forward for the commission to consider," said Hales.

Hales said staff would still give recommendations.

The City Manager said adding a commission would delay decision making. But, he said the extra layer could also produce stronger choices.

Also during Monday night's meeting, aldermen unanimously approved creation of a task force to prioritize downtown projects.

Alderman Jamie Mathy said the task force could help improve streets. But, Mathy said he remembers some businesses closed when Normal infrastructure repairs cut off traffic.

File photo, looking north in Downtown Bloomington on Main St.
Credit Cristian Jaramillo / WGLT

"So I want to make sure that we're very thoughtful and considerate and have a plan to communicate with building owners and business owners and work with them on how they can stay open during this period of time," said Mathy.

Mathy said if the city does the repairs the right way, the work could last a long time.

Ward 2 Alderman David Sage said communication between the task force and council will help validate earlier planning.

The council wants a task force report in August with a final update in December. 

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