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Coliseum Naming Rights Sold for $850,000

Jun 22, 2017

The former Coliseum, with the U.S. Cellular name removed, is in downtown Bloomington.
Credit Kae Mason / WGLT

The Coliseum in Bloomington will now be called the Grossinger Motors Arena. Facility manager VenuWorks has sold Grossinger Motors naming rights for the stadium. The $175,000  per year contract will last five years. Company owner Caroline Grossinger said she's excited.

"You know, investing in a facility is an enormous investment, but when we did that we did that with the thought that we're here to stay. We're here to build that community and the overall communities around us," said Grossinger.

Bloomington Alderman Karen Schmidt said having Grossing Motors is important to the city of Bloomington and a huge investment in the community. Schmidt said she continues to look foward to the future of the venue.

"So this was a way that we could strengthen the community and this was a way we could strengthen the arts. We believe in the arts. We believe in sports. And we believe in the community that we're going to," said Grossinger.

Grossinger said she looks forward to the announcement of future events at the arena.

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