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Community Colleges Indicate Frustration With Governor, Lawmakers

Nov 18, 2016

Heartland Community College
Credit Staff / WGLT

Community colleges in Illinois said they've cut frills, suspended travel, and even laid off teachers. Now they need state lawmakers to come through with funding.

That was the gist of a letter sent last week from the Illinois Council of Community College Presidents​ to the governor and legislative leaders.

So far, they say they’ve gotten zero response.

Tom Ramage, president of both the council and Parkland College, said there’s little left to cut.

"We offer GED programs, we offer College for kids, we have daycare facilities....All those things are at-risk. For many of our communities, the community college is the hub relative to advancing yourself career-wise or supporting your family," said Ramage.

Public higher education in Illinois hasn’t had a full budget in more than a year. Instead colleges and universities have been subsisting on small, stop-gap budgets. Those are set to expire next month.​