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Connect Transit Fields Objection To Service Cut

A Connect Transit cut in services to some people with disabilities is getting some pushback.

Connect Transit recently eliminated tripper service to some edge-of-town housing. This had the effect of reducing the area the government mandates the system serve with Connect Mobility, a service for those with physical access challenges.

Bloomington-Normal resident Lex Green said says his son lost service because of the cut. He told the Connect Transit board at Tuesday’s meeting that it should work to include everyone, given local taxes going to the bus service.

“Whatever you plan to save by excluding the other six or seven people, including my son, is a pittance considering Bloomington’s taxpayers contributed well over half a million dollars to Connect Transit last year,” said Green.

Green also said the savings is not significant compared to the access lost by those with disabilities.

He asked the bus system for Bloomington-Normal to restore Connect Mobility offerings at the edges of town and told the board the decision is not justified by the amount of money saved.

“You are attempting to save $7,000 per year at the expense of people who need the service the most and this plan will still serve fewer people than you currently do”, said Green.  

Connect Transit ended tripper service because the cost per passenger served was far higher than any other route. That also had the impact of reducing the mandatory service area for Connect Mobility service to those with disabilities.

As a matter of disclosure, GLT Program Director Mike McCurdy is the head of the Connect Transit Board.

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