Connect Transit Plans 50 Shelters In 5 Years | WGLT

Connect Transit Plans 50 Shelters In 5 Years

Waiting at a bus stop in the near future could be easier with the addition of new bus shelters in Bloomington-Normal.

Connect Transit made progress at Tuesday’s meeting with the plan to build 10 new shelters this fall. Community engagement sessions highlighted the public desire for shelters, benches, and additional sidewalk at bus stops in the area.

Connect Transit chose locations based on the number of riders at each bus stop location.

Interim General Manager Isaac Thorne said adding a shelter to the Bloomington Walmart location is a priority this year. Thorne said he hopes the plan to put 50 more shelters and benches in the next five years can boost ridership because they have refuge from rain, wind, and snow.

One issue that could cause delay is sidewalk infrastructure. Thorne said there is simply not enough space to build sidewalk or any other infrastructure in some locations. He also said easements and permitting often slow down building plans.

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