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Crowd Gathers, Dan Brady Not Present

Oct 14, 2015

Members of Illinois Public Action and others want politicians to know what they think about the Clean Power Plan, and other bills before the Illinois legislature.

During a march through uptown Normal, IPA's Stephen Nichels says there are three energy bills before lawmakers. Nichels says two of them were written to guarantee power company profits. Nichels says a third bill, backed by IPA is called the clean jobs and energy bill.

"And it would bring Illinois into compliance with the EPA's "Clean Power Plan," via energy efficiency in that it would seek to reduce the energy use within the state of Illinois by 20% by 2030, and it would also promote the installation of solar gardens."

A solar garden is a smaller version of a solar farm, with several solar panels at a central location with several subscribers. It's also being looked at as a way to ease the strain on the electric energy grid. Nichels says Republican state representative Dan Brady, who's office is 35 feet from the uptown circle gathering, was invited to attend, but did not. Members of IPA say they will present him with a petition urging passage of the clean jobs and energy bill, which includes alternative energy sources, conservation, and what is being called environmental justice.