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Cullerton Says Rauner's "Turnaround Agenda" Impeding Budget Process

Sep 28, 2015

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton

Illinois is about to enter its fourth month without a budget. One of the state's top Democrats says the problem could be resolved within days ... if the governor moved off his insistence that other laws pass first.  IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports. 

VINICKY: The last time Gov. Bruce Rauner and the legislative leaders all got together was apparently in late May, before the last fiscal year was over. Months later, they've come to no resolution. And Senate President John Cullerton isn't alone in saying that the state is on track to literally run out of money. But Cullerton says it's been "weeks" since he's even talked with Rauner.

CULLERTON: I'm willing to go to any meeting with the governor -- with the other leaders, or otherwise. The question is: what are we going to talk about?

VINICKY: Cullerton says Rauner is holding the budget "hostage" to unrelated issues.

CULLERTON: He has an obsession with basically going after working families and union families; he just has an obsession with it.

VINICKY: Rauner has said Illinois needs to overhaul workers' compensation and to limit collective bargaining to spur economic growth. I'm Amanda Vinicky.