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District 87 Approves New Budget

The District 87 school board has approved a new budget.

The spending plan approved Wednesday night totals nearly $94.4 million. Superintendent Barry Reilly said planning has been difficult during the state budget stalemate.

“The thing that we struggle with right now is in the last several years we’ve had a lot of unknowns due to the lack of the state’s progress in their budget,” said Reilly.

Reilly said factors such as a stagnant housing market can affect district revenue. Additionally, the school board has approved spending $4.6 million in reserves to balance the budget.

The newly approved budget is expected to have little impact on tax rates. Reilly said the slight change in tax rates is positive.

“The tax rate actually dropped slightly this year compared to last year. We’re talking a very nominal amount. That’s better than it increasing, and hopefully that’s something that can be maintained in the future. We know that’s important to our property tax owners out there,” said Reilly.

Reilly also said this year's spending plan is similar to last year's. The district plans to spend nearly $4.6 million more than it will take in next year and further reduce reserves. It will also avoid cuts.

The school board also voted to approve resolutions to transfer working cash funds at Wednesday night's meeting.

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