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Durbin Concerned About Sessions As Attorney General

Jan 5, 2017

File photo of Sen. Durbin at the GLT studios.
Credit Emma Shores / Staff

Illinois U. S. Senator Dick Durbin said he has "deep concerns" about president-elect Donald Trump's choice for attorney general.

The Illinois Democrat met Wednesday with nominee Jeff Sessions, a Republican senator from Alabama.

Durbin said he asked Sessions about his longstanding position against special protections for immigrants who were brought to America illegally as children.

"I was hoping that as he looked at the possibility of this new job, with a broader responsibility, that there would be a change in his view towards immigration. But I didn't hear it at all," Durbin said.

The senator added he also asked Sessions about violence in Chicago. Durbin said his colleague would not commit to continuing federal grants for the Chicago Police Department, and would have to think about about whether to carry out expected Justice Department recommendations for improving the C. P. D.