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Durbin Wants Proactive Climate Change Plan

Feb 15, 2016

Ocean Circulation Conveyor Belt. The ocean plays a major role in the distribution of the planet's heat through deep sea circulation. This simplified illustration shows this "conveyor belt" circulation which is driven by the difference in heat and salinity. Records of past climate suggest that there is some chance that this circulation could be altered by the changes projected in many climate models.
Credit thomassplettoessa / NOAA

U-S Senator Dick Durbin says Illinois should start working to achieve energy efficiency and use green technology to combat climate change. The Supreme Court last week blocked a federal plan to limit greenhouse gases emitted by power plants. Durbin says it's time for Illinois to be proactive about saving the planet. "It's really going to help us in the future and for our kids, it's going to leave them a world they can live in." Nearly 30 states have filed a lawsuit challenging the President’s Clean Power Plan; Illinois is not one of them. The Supreme Court’s ruling puts the plan on hold while a lower court takes up the case. Meanwhile, environmentalists in Illinois are pushing the state to implement stricter renewable energy requirements.