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Eagles Soar Over Illinois

Feb 12, 2016

Credit Dave Menke / US Fish and Wildlife Service

It's the annual, "Eagle Days" at Havana, along with other sites on the Illinois River. ISU professor of Biology Angelo Caparella says Bald Eagles reuse their nests, unless a competing bird takes it over. While not especially social, Bald Eagles are like in-laws, they tolerate each other as long as there's plenty to eat. But even more thrilling to birders like Caparella, are sightings of the eastern Hudson Bay Golden Eagles.

"There's still a lot we're learning about the eastern golden eagle populations. They're less studied and more mysterious."

Caparella says there are currently three Bald Eagle nests in McLean County, but after an female eagle killing last year, the locations are being kept secret. Events this weekend are taking place at Wildlife Prairie Park, the city of Havana, as well as the Emiquon and Chautauqua nature areas.