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EDC Advises Making Peace Over Metro Zone Dispute

Feb 22, 2017

The former Mitsubishi plant is within the tax, service, and infrastructure sharing area on the west side of the twin cities known as the Metro Zone.
Credit Staff / WGLT

The Bloomington and Normal dispute over the Metro Zone agreement on tax revenue and infrastructure sharing is not necessarily a black eye for the community.

That's according to Kyle Ham, the head of the Economic Development Council.

Ham said, though, twin cities leaders can't let sour feelings linger.

"How both Bloomington and Normal react to that over the coming weeks and months will really determine how the outside world that is looking in at us will view our ability to come back together," said Ham.

He said disputes do happen, but the recovery from them is important.

"This isn't a competition between these two communities and I guess that's one thing we're worried about is that there could be a perception, not necessarily a reality, but the perception that these two communities are not willing to work together," said Ham.

Ham said if the two sides do not put the dispute away the controversy could even put the shared workforce development BN Advantage initiative at risk.

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