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Festival Of Colors Celebrates Spring

Mar 24, 2016

The Festival of Holi is also known as The Festival of Colors.
Credit Steven Gerner / Flickr via Creative Commons

A classic and popular festival from India is being held in the Twin Cities this weekend for the very first time. Laura Kennedy has more on the festival where colors fly and the music never stops.

The Festival of Colors is an annual spring event.
Credit Steven Gerner / Flickr via Creative Commons

*Vinod Nambiar and Leyons Philip are the organizers of the first-ever Festival of Colors in the Twin Cities.

*It's meant to celebrate spring, featuring the colors of the flowers that are just now beginning to emerge.

*Nambiar says it's too cold to celebrate this traditional Indian Festival in the Midwest, so they reserved The Interstate Center to hold an indoor festival.  Colored powder is flung in the air as festival-goers dance to music from a DJ.

*Lyons points out that this festival often involves water, so they have a special section of the Interstate Center set aside for those who want to jump under a warm mist.

*The organizers hope that this festival will attract a wide variety of community members and that it's meant to appeal to a diverse audience.

*The colors are safe and non-toxic.

*Tickets are available at www.exit167events.com