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Fiala Brothers Plan Brewery In Uptown Normal

Feb 11, 2019

McLean County could soon be getting its fifth craft brewery—and its first in Uptown Normal.

Plans are underway to open the Fiala Brothers Brewhouse at 127 E. Beaufort St., in the renovated storefront that previously housed Bill’s Key and Lock. It would be run by brothers Ryan and Steve Fiala, who own D.P. Dough locations in Normal and Champaign, respectively. They hope to open this summer.

Here's a conceptual design for the new brewpub coming to Uptown Normal.
Credit Town of Normal

The brothers plan to install a five-barrel brewing system on site. Food details are still being worked out, but there will likely be some connection between the new brewpub and the next-door D.P. Dough.

It will be the fifth brewery to open in Bloomington-Normal since mid-2017, following Destihl, White Oak, Keg Grove, and Lil Beaver Brewery. Ryan Fiala said they plan to serve beer from several of those other local breweries in addition to the beer made in-house by his brother Steve.

“There’s so much this town has to offer in the local brewing community. We’re just excited to be part of it,” Fiala told GLT.

He suggested Fiala Brothers and Keg Grove might cultivate a relationship based on their both being located so close to Constitution Trail.

“They’re every bit as excited to know us as we are them,” Fiala said. 

Ryan Fiala appeared Monday afternoon in front of the Uptown Design Review Commission for a preliminary discussion about their plans. Commissioners gave the concept a warm reception, but no formal vote was taken.

Their concept calls for a two-story remodel of 127 E. Beaufort St. A new second-floor patio would overlook Beaufort Street, covered by an angled roof with solar panels that would help power the business.

“There’s really nothing on Beaufort Street like that right now,” said Jeff McMorrow with EA Architecture and Design Inc., who’s working on the project for the Fialas.

Ryan Fiala said he and his brother both plan to continue operating their D.P. Dough locations.

“Steve and I are looking forward to cultivating clientele that ages along with us. Because every year we get a little bit older than the college students who come into D.P. Dough. It’s time for the next challenge. We’ll still own our DP Doughs. But this is kind of an itch we need to scratch,” Fiala said.

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