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Former Opponent Sues Speaker Madigan

Aug 8, 2016

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan
Credit IPR

Longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is being sued by one of his opponent’s in this year’s Democratic primary.

Jason Gonzales lost to Speaker Madigan in the March primary, receiving 27 percent of the votes.

Now he’s suing Madigan for many reasons, including campaign ads saying Gonzales is a convicted felon. Gonzales was pardoned by Governor Pat Quinn.

And he said in his federal complaint the ads caused emotional distress.

"This isn’t about me being a sore loser. It isn’t about me crying because I lost. It’s about justice. It’s about justice for me. It’s about justice for every candidate who has come before and will go ahead," said Gonzalez.

Gonzales is seeking money in the civil lawsuit, but he wouldn’t say how much he’s hoping to win in court.

In a statement, Madigan says Gonzales can’t be trusted.