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Fox Creek Speed Limit Lowered, Bloomington Budget Approved

Apr 10, 2017

Alderman David Sage, center, supported the community effort to have the speed limit lowered on Fox Creek Road from West Oakland Avenue to Stonehedges Court.
Credit Staff / WGLT

Residents on the southwest side of Bloomington will have to drive slower on a section of Fox Creek Road.

The City Council has approved lowering the speed limit on Fox Creek to 30 miles per hour from West Oakland Avenue to Stonehedges Court.

Ward 2 Alderman David Sage said this is only a small part of future fundamental changes coming between Veterans Parkway and Stonehedges Court.

"As soon as that bridge and that last little piece of Fox Creek Road is improved, which is in the budget this year, then it's going to fundamentally change the traffic flow out there," said Sage.

Sage said he wants to make sure residents are heard in speed limit discussions. 

Multiple aldermen have supported the idea of a traffic advisory commission that would include citizen members having a say in traffic matters.

The council also approved the FY 2018 budget, but discussions about one specific line item are far from over. The budget was approved on an 8-1 vote after a 40 minute discussion about the $300,000 slated for a sewer oversizing project in the far east Grove subdivision. 

Alderman Scott Black defended resident of Bloomington's historic district during a 40 minute debate before the budget vote.
Credit Staff / WGLT

Ward 7 Alderman Scott Black said some, if not all of those funds should go toward Bloomington's historic district.

"I have grave concerns about spending money on an oversizing project for residents that are not yet residents when we have to tell our current residents that have sewers over a hundred years old that they're not going to be getting any projects done in the short term," said Black.

Black said he feels past city policies have encouraged sprawl that helped development and west side taxpayers have carried that burden.

Alderman Kevin Lower voted against the budget because of subsidies set for the city's entertainment venues.

Additionally, the council approved prohibiting truck through-traffic on Clinton Boulevard from Empire to Division. 

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