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Get Used To 'The New Abnormal' When It Comes To A Trump Presidency

Jan 19, 2017

The inaugural stage at the capitol in Washington, D.C.
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Two Illinois State University political scientists agree that Trump will be a President like none other. They also both agree the incoming President is "thin skinned" and that the world needs to get ready for a "new abnormal."

When asked about Trump's public disagreements with the U.S. intelligence community, Tom McClure with ISU's Politics and Government Department said during Sound Ideas "we have to get used to this President's personality." 

"I completely agree," said Erik Rankin, with the same department. "I don't believe that Donald Trump has consistent coherent thoughts. He is an erratic politician; he's was an erratic candidate. I think that he's going to govern from an erratic standpoint. I think he attacks the intelligence community because he feels personally slighted."

Trump's refusal to accept intelligence findings that Russia hacked Democratic Party emails during the campaign has put him at odds with almost every other Republican in Washington, D.C. He's was also quick to dismiss a now infamous dossier that indicated Russia had compromising information. 

The FBI is investigating the 35 page dossier. It has reportedly been circulating around Washington, D.C. in recent months before it was published by BuzzFeed and reported on by CNN Jan. 10. McClure said if the FBI turns up evidence that Trump has been compromised by Russia, it could be an impeachable offense. 

"If it does come out there was a collaboration in gathering information and that information was used to win the election, I think that's a potential basis for articles of impeachment," said McClure.

It's unclear if a GOP led house or if Democrats would initiate articles of impeachment. 

File photo; Erik Rankin (l) talking with Tom McClure (r).
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"I don't think the Democrats would bring it," said Rankin. "I think  if the Democrats fear anyone more than Donald Trump it's President Mike Pence and I don't think they want the alternative. Donald Trump over the next four years is going to deliver so many talking points for them." 

Rankin said Trump could help set up Democrats to win the mid-term congressional races and perhaps the next Presidential election. Rankin agreed that Pence would be a more stable, predictable President.

"I would love to believe the safety of the country would come first, but these are politicians. Politics first," said Rankin." 

Trump will enter office with historically low approval ratings for any incoming President. He lost the popular vote. Rankin said his lack of support combined with allegations involving Russia will cramp and curtail is ability to be an effective President. 

"Does it make him an illegitimate President? That's for other people to decide," said Rankin