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GLT Datebook: Artists Share Sensibilities And Exhibition

Jan 6, 2018

Alissa Palmer and Whitney Johnson share a visual vocabulary ... and now share gallery space in their exhibition, "Sensing Synonyms."

  • The exhibition is currently on view at the Joe McCauley Gallery at Heartland Community College in Normal.
  • Both production of the Illinois State University College of Fine Arts, Palmer and Johnson also create work that is grounded in a shared sensibility.
  • Though both artists have their own distinct style, their work echo and reflect one another.
  • Both Palmer and Johnson use scrap material they find around their studio. Palmer focuses on touch and texture in her work, while Johnson explores the natural and physical worlds, finding connections and cycles.
  • The exhibition is up through Friday, Jan. 26. There's an artist reception on Thursday, Jan. 25, from 4-5:30 p.m. at the gallery.

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