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GLT Datebook: Emerging Illinois Artists

May 21, 2016

The McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington is currently showcasing the artwork of MFA students from around the state.

  • The Center's head curator, Claire Hedden noted that the show features a lot of imaginative work, including a piece by Cathy Hsiao, who works in fiber.  She utilized a jacquard loom to digitally submit an image to weave a piece.
  • Hsiao combines visual elements inspired by graffiti,  as well as audio information, with wave-form looking elements.
  • Illinois State University student Laura Newman is featured with a ceramic piece called 'Waiting.' She used a wire form wrapped in ceramic.
  • Hedden said this particular time is important in an artist's career.  Graduate school allows for great studio time, plus feedback.  This is the time doors open for artists.