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GLT Datebook: Getting Back To Nature At Merwin Preserve

May 6, 2017

Don Schmidt, The Dean of Green (r) is one of the folks who will be sharing the inside scoop of the Merwin Preserve at Merwin in May.
Credit ParkLands Foundation

Put on your hiking shoes for an event that celebrates one of the natural gems of central Illinois.

  • The ParkLand's Foundation presents Merwin in May, Saturday, May 13 from 9 AM to noon.
  • This event is an open house, with guests invited to lean about a local natural gem:  the Merwin Preserve.
  • ParkLand's  Foundation will offer guided hikes for visitors to learn about the plants, animals and waterways of the Merwin Preserve.
  • Things to bring with you to the event: good walking shoes, sunscreen, bug spray and a sense of adventure.  What to leave at home?  Your dog, because they're not allowed in the preserve.  And flip flops -- they're great for lunch at Panera, but lousy for hiking.
  • I know what you're thinking..."But how do I get there?" Here.

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