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GLT Datebook: 'Mercury Rising' Features Unique Soundscapes

Jan 14, 2017

The Wu-Morse duo in action.
Credit Barry Morse

The Illinois State University Planetarium hosts the Wu-Morse Duo, Jan. 20 and 21 for performances of soundscape improvisations set against celestial projections.

  • The concerts are Friday, jan. 20 at 7:30 PM and Saturday, Jan. 21 at 2 and 7:30 PM at the ISU Planetarium in Normal.  
  • The Wu-Morse Duo use a variety of traditional and non-traditional musical instruments, from trumpets to theremin, plus laptop computer live sampling and manipulation of acoustic sounds -- some gathered from nature.    
  • The performances will feature soundscape improvisations which are free-form and unrehearsed real-time compositions.
  • The event also features Planetarium director Thomas Willmitch, who will provide projections of celestial images across the inside of the dome.