GLT Sound Ideas 2/8/19 | WGLT

GLT Sound Ideas 2/8/19

Feb 8, 2019

(1:26) It's part three of the GLT Series on Child Care. In the search for ways to make child care easier for Illinois families, there's new energy behind the push for paid family leave. Melissa Joseph from 'Women Employed' tells GLT's Ryan Denham about what paid family leave could mean for working women and men in Illinois.  (10:33) Plus, a central Illinois woman talks about being sexually assaulted and choosing not to report in her new book, Nine Word Rethink To Get On With Life. Eric Stock has more.  (27:19) Mary Cullen chats with State Senator Jason Barickman about the minimum wage and all things Springpatch. (41:15) And Jon Norton dives into the modern country music of the band Brushville as it plays in Bloomington.