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GLT's Grow: Adding Rocks To Your Landscape

Aug 11, 2017

You can add some serious beauty to your yard and not have to worry about watering or fertilizing.

  • Adding rocks to the landscape is an ancient tradition that first caught on in Japan.
  • Japanese garden arts can guide you in the selection and placement of rocks and stones in your landscape.
  • Smooth river rock can be used to simulate a creek bed running through your property. Be sure and select stones that have a darker, blue or black color to best simulate water.
  • Let nature be your guide when placing larger rocks in your landscape.  Don't just plop a large boulder in the middle of your yard—someone might think a meteorite landed there! Incorporate it more naturally with your plantings. Tuck a large round rock among trailing vines or ornamental grasses to soften edges and make it appear as it it had been there for years.
  • You can even partially bury larger stones to make them appear more natural.
  • Rocks as a path last longer than mulch. Use circular pavers or pea gravel to create a path.
  • Use colors that go with your landscape. Coordinate rock color with the colors of the flowers and your home. Find harmony and avoid contrivance.

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