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GLT's Grow: Alternative Christmas Trees

Dec 15, 2017

The Douglas Fir and Norway Spruce make fine Christmas trees. But how about breaking out of the traditional mold and trying something new?

  • If you've been there and done that with the evergreens, there are other options available to you to create a stunning Christmas tree.
  • Are you a recycler? Save up some cans or bottles, give them a good cleaning, then stack them in the shape of a Christmas tree. This works best in homes without pets or young children who might go accidentally careening into your handiwork.
  • You can decorate your patio¬†furniture with lights, ornaments, sleigh bells and more.
  • If you're a big reader, stack up your collection in a tree shape, then string with lights.
  • Try using a circuit board. If you can find an electronics waste depository, a collection of the circuit boards can be a clever alternative to a traditional tree.
  • A dress form can be dressed up in holiday lights and tinsel. Or hang hangers in an evergreen shape against a wall and go nuts with hanging decorations from that installation.

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