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GLT's Grow: Autumn Fruits

Sep 30, 2016

Fall offers lots of good eating options!
Credit Liz West / Flickr via Creative Commons

Autumn offers many pleasures, from crisp weather to colorful leaves.  But one favorite thing about fall that Patrick Murphy can't get enough of is fall fruits.  There's plenty to enjoy, and now is a wonderful time to get planting.

  • Some trees to consider planting right now include apple and pear.
  • Can fruits like blackberries and raspberries are a good planting bet for fall.
  • Don't forget about grapes -- table grapes, that is, not wine grapes.
  • Short on space?  Try dwarf stock.  These are grafted trees that give you plenty of options, with short stems that fit well in small spaces.
  • Freezing is a good option for preserving your bounty.  Freezer storage bags are good, but use small ones so the weight of the fruits don't crush themselves.  Don't wash them before freezing.  Just do a dry brushing so they don't absorb any water.  That could make them rupture when they freeze.  Wash them when you've thawed them down the road.