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GLT's Grow: Best Christmas Tree Picks

Dec 9, 2016

Get to know your choices for Christmas trees before heading to the lot to buy.
Credit Frank Heinz / Flickr via Creative Commons

Going to the Christmas tree lot can prove overwhelming unless you know your way around the variety of trees there.  Knowing what look you want to achieve is a great place to start, said Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow.

  • Pines, firs, cypress, cedars and spruces are the typical trees used at holiday time.
  • Take into account the scent of the tree, the trees ability to retain needles, and how well it retains its color.
  • Balsam, White, Noble and  Douglas firs are good bets because they have a softer needle -- so no getting a nasty stab when decorating. You can also see the trunk and network of branches with the fir.
  • White and Scotch pine are common and easy to find. But Virginia Pine is best due to the gorgeous water green color, and it has a feathery appearance.
  • Want a spruce, like a Colorado or blue spruce?  Go with a live variety.  You can only have them for a few days and you have to prep a planting hole in your backyard before you bring it home, but it lets the tree leve on through all the holidays to come.