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GLT's Grow: Brutal Cold Is Good For Your Yard

Jan 26, 2018

The icy embrace of winter can be brutal, but it's a necessary part of garden life.

  • Let's face it, the cold kills off those nasty, disease carrying bugs that we don't want in our lives. A mild winter can spare mosquitoes, stink bugs and other insects. So a strong cold snap will do the trick when it comes to eliminating them permanently.
  • Bitter winter temperatures give plants the chance to maximize flowering to help their buds fully develop. 
  • Plants go dormant in the winter and those bitter temperatures make sure they stay that way. A prolonged warmup can cause premature budding. If the buds appear and then the temps drop again, then those buds are in danger.
  • Plant diseases can survive mild winters. A cold snap can kill of fungus and other nasty things in your landscape. However, if the disease is inside the plant, it can be protected from the cold that way.

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