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GLT's Grow: Critter Garden Crashing

Jul 28, 2017

For every iris, lily or rose that you plant in your garden, you put out a welcome mat for bunnies and other critters to come and dine at the leisure.

  • Rabbits gotta eat! And sometimes they eat what you have carefully planted and cultivated.  
  • And if the bunnies in your yard start doing what bunnies do best, (ah-hem!) then you could soon be overrun with hungry, hungry rabbits who think nothing of denuding your favorite plants.
  • Don't trap rabbits. In many communities that is illegal.
  • But you can discourage them by putting in plants they don't find appetizing, such as Black-eyed Susan, basil, Beard Tongue, geraniums, lavender, marigold and any other sharply-scented pant that may discourage rabbits and other critters.
  • If raccoons are your problem, again—no trapping, no poisoning and no harming the animal in any way.
  • You may hire a professional to do humane trapping for you.
  • Raccoons love eating garbage, so keep a tight lid on what you throw out. Wind chimes or scarecrows can deter critters 
  • Spray cayenne pepper around areas that you've spotted raccoon, rabbits or chipmunks.

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