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GLT's Grow: Donor Tree Programs

Mar 4, 2016

Trees awaiting planting.
Credit oatsy40 / Flickr via Creative Commons

You can make the world a more beautiful place, honor a loved one or organization or help create a living laboratory by taking part in a donor tree program.  Patrick Murphy talks about the Illinois State University Donor Tree Program, and how you can find a donor tree program near you to put some roots in the ground and make the future a little greener.

*There are donor tree programs everywhere.  The National Arbor Day Foundation has suggestions.

*Universities and municipalities and churches have these programs.

*You can honor a passed loved one or a new born baby.  Or perhaps your group or organization can take up a collection to purchase a tree to donate to commemorate a favorite charity. 

*Trees are tagged to note your generosity.

*If you live in an apartment or small space, you can use the donor program to add some greenery to your community.

*It's fun to come back from time to time and see how your tree has grown.

*A curator at the donor program can help you make a great choice of tree and  find a place to plant it.

*Donor tree programs are available to all sorts of budgets -- you don't have to have a lot of green to plant some green!