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GLT's Grow: Don't Hate The Thatch

Nov 10, 2017

Your grass may not be alone. Underneath, there may be thatch lurking. But that may not be a bad thing.

  • Thatch is the build up of old grass roots and rhizomes.
  • Warm climate grasses such as zoysia, Bermuda and buffalo grasses can produce thatch at a reasonably fast rate and may need to be dethatched more often. Cool season grass, like our old friend,  bluegrass, produce thatch more slowly. So let's not freak out about thatch.
  • Thatch that's not too think can be helpful. It can keep soil cool, slow water loss, plus insulates the grass from temperature fluctuations,
  • Too much thatch can keep light and water from getting to the roots of your grass. 
  • You can use a power rake to dethatch. Don't buy one. Rent it. You shouldn't have to dethatch on a regular basis.
  • Try soil core aeration to help control the thatch.

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