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GLT's Grow: Dormant ... Or Just Dead?

Jul 14, 2017

When the heat is on and the rains are not, lawns can shut down. But does dormancy mean death for your grass?

  • A brown lawn does not necessarily mean a dead lawn. Deep in the summer heat, your grass can demonstrate its superpower: dormancy. When you grass detects a lack of water, it can protect itself by going dormant. Nobody likes stress and heat, and that includes your turf.
  • Lawns also go dormant in winter, but it's most alarming in the summer when we crave lush, green grass.
  • No need to fear the dormancy. Just let your lawn do its thing.
  • Cool season grasses need to have their season, so don't fight the dormancy. BUT you don't stop watering your lawn. Water enough to keep the turf alive, about 5 inches down.
  • Keep up the weeding.

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