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GLT's Grow: Drying and Repurposing In The Garden

Apr 7, 2017

Dead branches and leaves can be put to good use in your yard.
Credit Nick Nguyen / Flickr via Creative Commons

Don't put those trimmed brush and dried leaves at the curb.  You can repurpose them in your yard to make it a healthier place.

  • If you have clipping debris or dead leaves cluttering your yard, those items can still be of use in the garden.
  • Dry them out, either during a sunny stretch of weather in your back yard or in rainy weather, in your garage or garden shed.
  • Then grab a shovel and employ the technique Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow calls back digging or double digging. 
  • Penetrate the soil with a shovel, like you're going to lift the shovel full of soil from the ground.  Then, actually don't do that.  Just leave the soil.  You've just opened the ground up.
  • Then take that dried debris and put in on the soil.  After a bit, go over it with a rake.The debris will work into the crevices and add organic matter to your soil -- no fuss, no muss.  Well, a little fuss and muss.  But no running to the garden center to spend your hard earned cash on organic material to feed your soil!  Cool beans!
  • And if you have dried switches or small branches, you can collect them, then weave them in and out of gardening stakes place in a line along the soil and weave yourself a rustic and unique screen.  That's a wattle! 

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