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GLT's Grow: Finding The Right Tree

Nov 29, 2017

Farewell, Autumn Purple Ash Tree. Hello, bald cypress. Maybe!

  • Ann in Bloomington, Illinois, has a Purple Ash that's on it's last legs ... or roots, if you will. So she's thinking of replacing it. And her next-door neighbor has a stake in this, too, since the tree will shade both their properties. Can Patrick Murphy help two neighbors find the perfect tree?
  • Ann is interested in a tree that is hard, not overly subject to pest damage and is attractive. Her pick is a bald cypress.
  • Where you plant a tree will determine if it is a good choice for your yard. The bald cypress is a native plant, making it hardy and a good choice. But it tends to spread it branches A LOT, up to 120 feet in a lifetime. Since Ann will be sharing the tree with her neighbor, that might be fine. But if you have a neighbor who doesn't appreciate tree encroachment or you live on a small lot, the bald cypress might not work. A bald cypress would need to be planted 60 feet away from a building to get the space it needs.
  • Plant a tree where it will look good down the road, not where it looks good the day you bring it home.
  • Why limit yourself to one tree? Go for diversity, which can protect your landscape against  diseases that target only certain trees.
  • White Fir goes well with bald cypress. Ponderosa pine is a good choice, too. Burr Oaks, swamp white oaks and black gum are also trees to consider, according to Patrick Murphy.

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