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GLT's Grow: Going Native In Your Garden

Apr 13, 2018

If you want a garden that's true to its American roots and flourishes no matter what Mother Nature throws at it, then you need to add native plants to your yard.

  • You're ahead of the game when you use native plants in your yard.  
  • Those plants evolved right here and know very well what they're dealing with, soil-wise, weather-wise and just-about-anything-else-wise. So during droughts they'll hold up nicely, thank you. Plus, they can help conserve water by not being too thirsty.
  • Unlike introduced species, like lantana, natives don't have to adapt to their surroundings. They've been making up those surroundings for millions of year, after all.
  • Native plants help preserve biodiversity, which is healthy for our environment.
  • Native plants are very attractive to the birds and other lovely critters that inhabit our world.

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