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GLT's Grow: Grow Your Own Popcorn

May 12, 2017

Sure, it'll take all summer, but think how good homegrown popcorn will taste come harvest time.
Credit Karl Baron / Flickr via Creative Commons

What better way to enhance movie night than with a big bowl of  your own home-grown popcorn!

  • A popcorn plant looks just like regular sweet corn -- it gets one to two ears per plant.
  • Plant them eight to ten inches apart,  1 1/2 inches deep in a prepared bed. This is a long growing plant.  Leave the ear on the plant until late summer/early fall.
  • Dry the harvested ears by hanging them up in a cool, dry place for about a month.
  • You can actually grow popcorn from a package of your favorite brand of popcorn -- jarred or bagged popcorn, not the microwave variety.
  • Test it by soaking a seed  in water for 12 hours to see if it will germinate.
  • One ear of popcorn can produce a serving of popcorn.

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