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GLT's Grow: Holey Leaves!

Oct 21, 2016

What's to blame for these holes in the leaf? You might be surprised.
Credit Ray Johnson

Our attention is going to the leaves this time of year as they change into their glorious colors of autumn.  But Ray in Bloomington isn't concerned with the changing hues, but with some mysterious holes that have appeared in the leaves of his otherwise healthy Canadian Red Cherry tree.

  • Ray suspects an insect pest is making a meal of his leaves.  He's sprayed with Sevin and Bayer Systemic, yet neither application seems to have helped.
  • Based on the photo Ray provided, Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow, surmised that it was likely not an insect that's to blame.
  • Canadian Red Cherry tends to be resistant to insects.
  • Leaf spot might be to blame.  When the disease sets in, it's a tiny discolored spot on the leaf. When the spot dies, the wind blows a hole through the leaf.
  • Spray won't help much.  Good hygene with removal of leaves every year can help.