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GLT's Grow: How To Repel An Army Worm Attack

Aug 1, 2018

There are myriad pests ready to attack your vegetable garden and landscaping. And some attack in a group.

In this edition of our gardening program Grow, GLT's Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy from Illinois State University answer a question from Kathy Sallee of Bloomington about how to control worms that attack as an army.

  • Army worms are part of a group of worms, also known as corn worms or cut worms. Army worms because they often appear in large groups, or cut worms because they cut vegetation off near the ground.
  • The worms are the larvael stage of a moth. Eggs are laid in the spring and hatch in the summer. 
  • These pests, because of their numbers, can turn large swaths of lawn brown as they feed.
  • As they grow they can feed on cabbage, corn and other vegetables and vegetation.
  • Pesticides should be used as a last resort. Murph recommends Neem oil, a botanical extract from an evergreen tree.
  • Neem oil can kill the larvae and the eggs.
  • Predators can be used to control the worms. Certain wasps will attack the worms and they're available via mail order.

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