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GLT's Grow: Katsura Tree Future In Question

Sep 9, 2016

The beautiful Katsura tree.
Credit Wendy Cutler / Flickr via Creative Commons

Trees are supposed to lose their leaves in fall.  But when it happens in the summer time, it's not a good sign.  Does that mean the end is near?  Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow helps a listener who fears losing a tree.

  • Dave in Kansas is concerned about his  Katsura tree, which he planted two years ago.
  •   After a dry summer in eastern Kansas, the tree had been losing its leaves.  After a rainy period, the leaves began to reemerge.  Dave wonders about its future.
  • Murph explained that a newly planted tree needs lots and lots of water, not just for a few days or week, but for years.  To help the plant establish, it needs good long drinks.  It's possible Dave's tree didn't get enough water in its early days.
  • The clay soil also doesn't't help matters.
  • Murph recommends that Dave make sure his Katsura tree has plenty of water to solve the leaf issue.