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GLT's Grow: Keeping Earthworms And Tools Happy

Mar 9, 2018

Gardeners love to care for things—and that extends past plants.

  • Julie in Philadelphia wants some advice on how to care for her gardening tools.
  • Rinse off all hand tools after using them, drying thoroughly. Using a stiff brush can help clean stubborn or set dirt off.
  • Keep a bucket of sand moistened with linseed oil handy to put in your blades. This is fine for long-term storage. Linseed oil is also good for keeping wooden handles in good shape. When handles are dry, you can sand them to keep splinters at bay.
  • A flat file will keep tools sharp. Also use the file on your mower blades. 
  • Make sure you clean under your mower after tending to your lawn. Regularly removing debris extends the life of your mower. 
  • Keep the intake vent of any power tools clean. Replace strings on weed trimmer several times a season.
  • And Rich in LeRoy wants to know if using Milky Spores to treat for grub worms might accidentally harm earthworms, too. In a word: no. So feel free to keep using Milky Spore to keep grubs in check while feeling assured that you've done right by the earthworms.

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