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GLT's Grow: Listeners Seek Advice On Saving, Planting Trees

Sep 20, 2018

How to save a tree and choosing a replacement tree are the two listener questions Illinois State University’s Patrick Murphy and GLT's Mike McCurdy try to answer in this edition of our gardening show Grow.

Grant Rucker of Normal asked GLT’s Grow for advice on whether his thornless honey locust could be saved.
Credit Grant Rucker

Grant Rucker in Normal planted a thornless honey locust last December. But it’s struggling, showing dead branches and weeping sap. He asked GLT’s Grow for advice on whether it could be saved.

Murph says no, probably not. The tree has a bacterial canker that’s causing the bark blisters. It might “take a lifetime” to nurse it back to health, Murph says. Rucker might be better served trying again with a different tree, one that might work better in that exposed space outside his north Normal subdivision home.

Also in this episode, David Anderson from Bloomington asked for some advice on which tree to plant to provide some shade near a window but not violate his homeowners association’s height restrictions.

Murph suggested he consider an eastern redbud or yellowwood.

Listen to the full episode for more:

GLT's Grow is your source for gardening advice and down-to-earth tips. Murph and Mike are ready to take on all your gardening questions, so submit yours today.

On next week’s episode: Murph and Mike talk about native trees and squirrels.

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