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GLT's Grow: Log Aesthetics

Feb 12, 2016

This log was carved into a sofa. about a couple of end tables and a La-Z-Boy?
Credit Peter O'Connor / Flickr via Creative Commons

There's no doubt that logs are utilitarian, but they can also add an artistic touch to your yard.  Patrick Murphy explores the artistic side of logs.

*Using logs as art is a great way to use the whole tree.  

*Some of the best trees to use for log art include oaks, sugar maple and other hard wood trees.  

*Another thing to look for are logs with interesting bark, like birch and pecan.  

*Let the log dry out first, then shellac to preserve it.

*Try making tomato racks out of bamboo canes.

*A tipi frame, steps, totem poles, and walkways are options for logs in the landscape.