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GLT's Grow: Planting In The Shadow Of An Ex-Tree

Jun 23, 2017

The mighty oak is one recommendation from Murph.
Credit Amanjeev / Flickr via Creative Commons

Karen in Normal bid farewell to a massive old maple tree on the west end of her house.  Now that all remains is a stump, she wants to select something new.

  • Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow advised Karen not to plant right where the old tree grew.  
  • Once the stump is removed, Murph said to select a place on either side of the stump's original location.
  • Settling can occur if you plant over the old stump, which calls for backfill.  Plus there's old wood or decomposing roots left over from the previous tree that could interfere with the new tree.
  • Karen hopes to find a tree that will shade her hostas.
  • Once a new tree is in, frequent deep watering or a gator bag can help establish the new tree.
  • Murph recommends white pine or oak, beech or black gum for Karen's new space.  In fact, he recommends two trees, in two different sizes, for a more naturalized look. 

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